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At ICCMA we strive to provide the members with the best membership services and information the association can provide.

How to become a member?

To become a member of ICCMA, you will need to submit the Membership Application Form duly completed to the ICCMA office.

Membership Eligibility

Any person, Firm, Stock Company or other Corporation engaged in Manufacture of corrugated board or cases and having Automatic Plant Shall be eligible for admission as a member.

Granting of membership to any of the applicant will be at the sole Discretion of ICCMA.

Membership Fees/Form

  1. Entrance Fees (one-time) : Rs.10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand) only
  2. Annual Membership Subscription Fees : Rs.5,000/- (Rupees five thousand) only
  3. Membership Application Form can be downloaded from our Website or can be mailed on request
  4. The duly completed Application Form should be accompanied by a payment of Rs.15,000/- (Rupees fifteen thousand) only i.e. one-time Entrance Fee of Rs.10,000/- and the Annual Subscription Fees of Rs.5,000/- for the current/first year.

Download Form

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